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Photo of Embracing the June Gloom

The grayness this time of year can be depressing and tiring when all us Northwesterners want is sunshine. But, rather than dwell on it, let's put a positive spin on it and embrace the cool rain for the next few weeks (and hope that Mother Nature rewards us with a nice summer).

Kira Cox on June 13th, 2012 @ 11:46 AM 2 comments

It seems like every year us Pacific Northwesterners forget that Mother Nature loves to tug at our sun-deprived heart strings this time of year.

April or May usually brings a warm streak, making us thing that the long winter is over. We pull out the shorts, blinding all with our pasty-white legs, and plant colorful annuals and tomatoes outside. Summer is here in the Northwest!

And then the calendar rolls to June and the bright yellow ball in the sky goes on strike, leaving behind gray skies, liquid sunshine and plummeting temperatures. Heat-loving plants wither up in despair, sweatshirts and coats get pulled out of the closet again, and sunburned shoulders and legs (that were formally pasty-white) go back into hiding. This June Gloom leaves many, including myself, with a sense of frustration and sadness. Sure, it’s all part of the natural weather pattern around here, due to moisture and clouds coming from the Pacific Ocean piling up against the mountains and dumping rain on our drenched lawns. But that doesn’t mean we like it, especially in years like this one, in which most of the country is experiencing record-breaking high temperatures, while Seattle is sitting as low as 15 degrees below average.

But even though sunshine would be nice right about now (hey, we did at least get a sunny Monday this week), I’ve decided this year to embrace the drizzly gray June. Here are some of the ways I’m putting a positive spin on the weather:

  • We’re not sweltering with temperatures in the 90s already, like much of the country. (And the height of summer is still to come!)
  • Rain now means the landscape stays fairly green throughout the summer (and we don’t have to mow the lawn much now since there’s no sun to make it grow).
  • Our plants get watered without us having to pay for it.
  • We don’t have to wash our cars since Mother Nature does it for us.
  • Summer clothes last longer since they don’t get used as often.
  • We don’t need to use air conditioning or fans, therefore saving electricity.
  • This is another month to get chores done indoors (it’s the perfect time to paint the living room, for example).
  • The rain drops debris from the sky (smog, pollen, dust, etc.) leaving clean air for us to breathe.

So, who wants to join me in embracing the June Gloom? (And keeping our collective fingers crossed that we’ll be rewarded with an epically nice July, August and September.)


Lara Simmons on June 14th, 2012 at 10:20 AM

I'm in! And looking forward to a REAL summer this year!

Crystal M on June 14th, 2012 at 02:51 PM

I think I would be more accepting of the "June Gloom" if I hadn't just moved here from sunny California :( Although I do have to say, California's got the June Gloom too, as well as May Gray.

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