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Photo of Auntie's Cutie

Vivian Valencia on April 9th, 2012 @ 04:54 PM No comments

My great nephew, Kyle, is a little cutie. We don't know each other well so he's not sure what to think of his auntie V2. He waddled into grandpa's house (my brother) Easter afternoon. Stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. The look on his face spoke for itself, "What is she doing here? She made funny faces at me before. I think peek-a-boo was her game of choice. Don't understand why she took my binkie. Hmmm .... let's see what she's up to today." He proceeded to walk toward me when distraction presented itself.....toy blocks! As Kyle beagn playing with the blocks, I joined him. Immediately, I could see the expression on his face change: "ahhhh .....maybe she's not so mysterious afterall ... she likes playing with blocks!" We stacked blocks, we knocked them down, we laughed uncontrollably. "Hmmmm .... maybe she's alright afterall?".

Wanna see my little cutie?

So precious!

Until next time, V2

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