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Photo of Alderwood bowling at its best

Kira Cox on April 27th, 2012 @ 11:33 AM No comments

I am not what you would consider a good bowler. But, I am always happy to attempt to roll the ball down the lane for a good cause.

On Saturday, April 21, some of us Alderwood Branch folk participated in the first-ever Clothes for Kids Bowl-a-Thon, and we were all pleased with how much much we raised and the event itself.

The Alderwood team - consisting of Katie Stevenson, Jason Bui, Teresa Wills, Gavin Chinn and me - was one of 18 teams who participated throughout the day. In all, the organization raised more than $5,650 in a few short weeks. The Alderwod team collected $400 from at least 23 members, Verity employees, friends and family. (We don’t have an exact number because, honestly, we didn’t write everyone’s name down.) We were even collecting donations at the branch a couple hours before the event, with one member getting into the excitement and donating $50 because she “loves Verity” and “loves kids.”

Clothes for Kids is a non-profit organization in Snohomish County that helps low-income families ensure their kids are properly clothed and therefore better prepared for school and life. The program is open to students in Snohomish County who qualify for free and reduced lunch. All parents need to do is ask for a clothing form from their child’s school office and then they can go shopping at the nonprofit’s location in Lynnwood.

To thank the volunteers, Clothes for Kids also has a raffle going throughout the three hours of bowling, giving away gift cards to restaurants and casinos, toys for kids and adults, and even event tickets.

We may not have had the highest scores of the day (only two people broke 100 points in two games), but we had a complete blast spending time together outside of work.

So, thank you to everyone who supported the Alderwood branch and Clothes for Kids. And you better believe I’ll be back on the team next year, showing off my lack of bowling skills yet again.

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