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Photo of We Know Someone On Oprah!

Shari Storm on April 26th, 2007 @ 11:28 PM No comments

A friend Verity’s, a photographer by the name of Bev Sparks, was on Oprah this week.

Bev has been taking our corporate “head shots” for the past few years. I don’t exactly remember how we were introduced to Bev, but I do know that even though she does not specialize in corporate photography, we always call on her because we like her so much.

Which makes it all the more exciting that she was on Oprah. On April 25, Oprah did a “Dog Lovers” segment. Bev’s photos were featured behind Oprah the whole show and Bev was introduced at the end. Bev looked FABULOUS.

IMHO, Oprah should have had more of Bev and less of Tori Spelling and whats-his-name. If you ever have a chance to check out the segment, you should. She had the world’s tallest dog and the world’s smallest dog. They appeared to hit off – surprisingly.

Also, if you are a dog lover and want a picture of your pooch, definitely call Bev. She’s good people (and very talented).

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