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As a CPA I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I like to watch movies and TV, and especially movies on TV. A lot of folks don’t like to admit to spending time in front of the tube, actually I have a flat screen now, but I’m willing to come clean and admit that I like TV, and not just for sports and the news. One thing I find troubling though is the lack of exciting accountant characters in the movies and TV. Most of the exciting roles are cops, doctors, lawyers or politicians. All of these are honorable professions, and I would be happy if my kids followed any of these paths. I won’t make the obvious politician joke here, but feel free to do so on your own if you wish.

When casting for those other professions good looking actors like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt are often chosen. We get the nerdy Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters) or the circumferentially challenged George Wendt (Norm of Cheers). Accountant has largely become screenwriters’ short-hand for bland, boring or nerdy. I’ll accept that as an occupational hazard, but I will also celebrate the roles that break the mold.  See my partial list below and feel free to suggest your own favorites.


Cher plays a cool and rational character, which plays on the negative stereotypes of accountants as bland and uninteresting. But it’s Cher! She was the best part of Sonny and Cher and the best part of this movie. Don’t even get me started…

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